Loupačka, stáčení vodičů 0,1-0,75mm2 BZW-3F N

  • Stripping capacity and specification 1-10 pieces/ time, AWG#18-#32
  • Air pressure 4-  7,5kg
  • Weight 15kg
  • Min. cutting length 2,5mm
  • Stripping and stripping length 2,5 – 25 mm
  • Power 90 W
  • Max. cutting length 25 mm
  • Stripping capacity 120-30 times/minute, adjustable
  • Power supply 220V/ 50Hz
  • Stripping range 0,1 – 0,75 mm2
  • Outer dimension 320 x 230 x 300 mm


This machine is designed for stripping and twisting the end part of the computer cable, telephone line, flat cable, speaker line, microphone line, power line and etc.
The design structure is tight and the operation is simple and convenient.
The function of multi-wire stripping increase the working efficiency and quality.
Compared to other similar product, it has absolute cost performance that favorable price and labor saving.

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