Order a catalogue of wire processing machines

Request our catalogue of wire processing machines. In it, you will find information on all currently available machines and tools for wire processing in our range. The content of the catalogue is divided into 22 sections

1. FAKRA intelligent cable processing lines.
2. intelligent HSD cable processing lines.
3 Ethernet cable processing centres.
4 A new series of lines for the production of high-voltage power cables.
5. Automatic machines for crimping terminals onto wires.
6 A series of automatic wire cutting and stripping machines.
7. Semi-automatic terminal crimping machines on wires.
8. Series of ultrasonic cable welding machines.
9. Machines for twisting and tinning wires.
10. PV photovoltaic cable processing equipment.
11. Coaxial cable stripping machines.
12. Copper strip crimping machine series.
13. Machines for winding and tying wires and cables.
14. Series of machines for cutting pipes and cable tubes.
15. Semi-automatic wire stripping machines.
16. Series of machines for inspecting wire processing.
17. Machines for processing screen nets.
18. Heat shrink tubing machines.
19. Wire pre-feeders.
20. Series of auxiliary equipment in the wire processing.
21. Applicators.
22. Knives.