Winding, tying, and taping of wires and cables (Machines for winding, tying, taping of cables and wires)

In today’s world, precision and efficiency in processing electrical wires are crucial for every industry. We understand this, which is why our offer includes a wide selection of specialized devices for winding, tying, and taping wires. Our machines are designed to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability under all working conditions.

Selected devices in this category:

  • Semi-automatic winding and tying machine – the perfect solution for companies needing fast and precise winding and tying of wires into bundles.
  • Taping machines – we offer a wide range of taping machines, including spot taping, spiral taping, and multi-point taping, providing flexibility in industrial applications.
  • Automatic winding and tying machines for long and large wires – advanced machines that allow for winding wires into rolls or figure-eights, ideal for handling long and heavy cables.
  • Manual device for applying cable ties – a simple, yet effective solution for quickly clamping cable ties on wires, ensuring solid and durable connections.
  • Manual taping device – for applications requiring an individual approach, we offer easy-to-use, manual taping devices, allowing for precise securing of wires and cable bundles.
  • Tabletop automatic cable tie applicators (zip ties) – An automatic solution for quickly and precisely applying cable ties, significantly increasing work efficiency.
  • Our offer is aimed at companies in the electrical, automation, telecommunications, lighting, automotive industries, and any other where wire processing is part of the production process. With our devices for winding, tying, taping wires and cables, working with wires will become faster, more accurate, and more efficient.

Contact us to find the perfect solution for your needs. Our team of experts is ready to help you select the right equipment for winding, tying, and taping cables and wires and customize it to the specific requirements of your production. We provide professional advice, technical support, tests on your wires, and service at the highest level.

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