BZW-50WX Computerized double layers cutting and stripping machine


The BZW-50WX is a modern machine for cutting and stripping double insulated wires. It is characterized by high efficiency and is made from high-quality materials. The BZW-50WX is equipped with a computer featuring a touch control panel. The computer’s memory can store multiple wire processing programs, allowing a set program for a specific wire to be loaded without needing to reset the settings.

Lifting the main cover stops the machine, preventing accidental opening. Additionally, the machine includes a tool magazine and a chamber for waste produced during wire processing. The BZW-50WX operates on a 230V AC power supply and requires a connection to compressed air.

Key specifications of the device:

  • Language menu: Polish, English, and other languages available upon request.
  • Wire type: ø4-18 mm multi-layer round or flat.
  • Functions: cutting, skinning, semi-skinning, for multi-layer round and flat wires.
  • Maximum layers: 6.
  • Dimensions: 950 x 720 x 1450 mm.
  • Weight: 320kg.

For more detailed information about the BZW-50WX, please contact the sales office at +48 886 788 660 or email

Additional information


AC220V/110V, 50/60 Hz


Double layers cutting and stripping machine for 35mm² sheathed cable.

The number of layers

Max 2

Cutting length

0,1 – 99999,99 mm

Stripping length

0,1 – 200 mm, 0,1 – 280 mm 0,1 – 30 mm, 0,1 – 30 mm

Cable type

Applied wire type Multi-core round and flat sheathed cable.
Diameter Ø 2-14 mm (other size can be special ordered).


1000-1500 pieces / h, depending on the length of the wire


0,75 kW




945 x 615 x 1270 mm


247 kg


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