BZW-6.0FK01 FAKRA cable semi-automaticprocessing line(Third Generation)

The semi-automatic BZW-6.0FK01 line is mainly used for processing Fakra cables. The machine is made in a modular style, characterized by stable performance and a high quality coefficient. It can also conduct intelligent management, track inspection records and production procedures during daily operations, and can connect with the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to share data, in order to improve product quality and reduce labor costs.


The machine uses PLC control, fiber communication, full servo system and stable working performance
Touch screen control and parameters can be saved, it also can use the work sheet for production?
The machine is installed with OES to monitor the crimping force during the production;

Stripping the insulation from the wire, crimping the protective ring, moving the shielding mesh, removing the foil, removing and crimping the inner conductor, conductivity testing, crimping the outer conductor, NCT inspection, wire collection (other functions can be customized upon request).

Wire feed control, crimping pressure control, shielding mesh inspection, conductivity control, air pressure control.

Applied applicator:
OTP applicator, European mechanical applicator, and pneumatic applicator.

Additional information

Zakres przewodów

Φ2,8mm / 3,3mm

Długość przewodu

100-10000mm (Other lengths can be customized upon customer request)


5 – 6 s/pc.

Crimping force

30 kN


230 V, 50 Hz


5200 x 1000 x 2400 mm


3000 kg

Air supply

0,5 MPa – 0,7 MPa, 8m²/h


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