BZW-886AS a coaxial cable stripping machine with a servo mechanism


The BZW-886AS is a fully programmable servo-driven stripping machine designed for skinning multi-layered coaxial cables, multi-core braided cables, and wire cores in the order of programming.

High-precision stripping of coaxial cable allows for the processing of up to five layers.

In line with production requirements, it is possible to program the processing cycle for multiple wire diameters; the production process can be saved in multiple groups, facilitating quick changes for small batch orders.

An ingenious design of a protective cover ensures safe operation without loss of efficiency.

The waste container is used to collect wire remnants and maintain the cleanliness of the device.

The intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface of the HMI system simplifies operation, making it more convenient and faster.

Rapid process change enabled by an optional handgun scanner.
Quick process change is facilitated through the use of an optional handgun-style scanner.


Additional information


80 – 264 V AC; 47 – 63 Hz

Air supply

4 – 7 bar


22 kg


520 x 155 x 360 mm (L x W x H)

Cable cutting diameter

Outer diameter of the cable ≤ 6.5 mm.

Wire diameter

0,05 – 16 mm2

Stripping layer

Five layers

Cutting feed increment

0,01 mm

Length increment

0,1 mm

Maximum cutting length

40 mm


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