BZW-886D coaxial cable stripping machine

The BZW-886D machine is designed for stripping coaxial cables. The machine is characterized by high efficiency and a wide stripping range from 0.1 mm to 200 mm. Powered by 230V AC. The BZW-886D allows for stripping up to 9 layers. Stripping is performed using rotary blades which ensures very high precision and speed of operation.


Primarily used for stripping insulation from multi-layered coaxial cables; equipped with a touchscreen interface, the stripping depth, speed, distance, and rotation time can be digitally entered. Utilizing the most advanced rotary cutting frame to increase processing precision and speed. Fitted with a special axis positioning device and a rotary cutting tool, capable of stripping up to 9 layers, it can process different sizes of wires without the need to change cutters. Wire clamping device: features automatic centering.

Additional information

Applied wire

Large size coaxial cable and automotive cable


230 V, 50 Hz

Motor Power

0,3 kW

Stripping length

0,1 mm – 200 mm

Cutting depth setting unit

0,01 mm

Stripping method

rotary cutter

Stripping layer

Max. 9 layers


300 – 500 pieces / hour

Drive mode

DC servo / TBI ball screw


1340 x 450 x 1340 mm


260 kg

Tool materials

Omport tungsten steel


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