BZW-F4+G is a semi-automatic machine for crimping Harting terminals.

BZW-F4+G is a modern machine for crimping Harting terminals, offering stable operation and easy handling. With its compact design and advanced features, it is the perfect solution for manufacturers seeking an efficient tool for crimping Harting-type terminals. BZW-F4+G features insulation removal, twisting, threading, and crimping functions, significantly increasing production efficiency.


BZW-F4+G is an advanced machine for crimping Harting terminals, equipped with an industrial control system to ensure stable operation. Thanks to its compact design, easy operation, and simple maintenance system, this machine is ideal for high-volume manufacturers with minimal maintenance requirements, allowing them to save on machine downtime costs.

Key features of the product:

  • wire twisting function, preventing wire reversal and increasing production efficiency.
  • No need for vibration plate replacement, increasing work efficiency.
  • The ability to visualize the working process, enabling real-time monitoring of operations.
  • Operation via a touchscreen interface, allowing easy adjustment of parameters such as crimping force and insulation removal depth.
  • The ability to simultaneously strip insulation, twist, thread, and crimp, significantly increasing production efficiency.

Additional information

Długość terminala

8 – 26 mm

Zewnętrzna średnica terminali

4.0-1.2mm (Wire diameter 2.5-0.3mm)2

Stripping length

6 – 16 mm

Air supply

0,5 MPa – 0,7 MPa

Motor Power

800 W


110 – 240 V AC 50/60 Hz


620 x 380 x 460 mm


55 kg


Four processes: stripping, twisting, threading, and crimping – performed simultaneously.


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