BZW-G5001S High voltage cable intelligentrotary stripping machine (120 mm2)

This machine is mainly applicable to new energy high-voltage lines, which can complete thefunctions of high-voltage wire stripping, aluminum foil removal, shield net cutting, and internainsulation stripping at the same time; each function can be used independently. Features of BZW-G5001S:

  • wire jacket stripping
  • foil removing、
  • shield net cutting
  • peel off the internal insulation
  • shield net flip


Using rotating tool holder, high machining accuracy

Adopt touch screen interface, PLC control.

The device can be connected to MES system for data interaction

Additional information

Stripping length

15 – 150 mm

Pozostała długość siatki ekranującej



230 V, 50 Hz


1100 x 920 x 1500 mm


320 kg

Air supply

0,5 MPa – 0,8 MPa

Wire diameter

ø6 – ø22 (2.5-120mm2)


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