RK20 cable recycling machine.

The BZW-RK20 cable recycling machine is designed for recovering metals from cables, mainly copper. Thanks to its ability to handle a wide range of cable sizes, the device is highly versatile. Additionally, it is characterized by high efficiency.


The RK20 cable recycling machine is made of powder-coated steel. The machine is designed for recycling cables ranging in size from 1 to 60 mm.

The RK20 is equipped with guides for cables of various shapes and sizes:

  • 9x round hole guides for wires with circular cross-section,
  • 2x rectangular hole guides for wires with rectangular cross-section,
  • 1x square hole guide for wires with square cross-section.

The device features highly precise depth adjustment of the blade in the upper part. The RK20 is a user-friendly and highly efficient device.

The following material presents the operation of a machine for recovering copper and other metals from cables.

Additional information


625 x 550 x 840 mm


230 V, 50 Hz


110 kg


200 – 1200 kg per day

Zakres pracy

1 – 60 mm


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