• Cutting length: 1 mm - 99999 mm
    • Middle stripping: 4 stripping positions in the middle.
    • Cutting tolerance: 0,002 x L mm (within) x L= cutting length
    • Stripping length: wire head: 0 - 30mm, wire end: 0 - 15mm
    • Applicable wire core area: 0,1- 6,0 mm² (AWG 30#-10#)
    • Applicable wire: plastic, PVC, Teflon, glass materials wire.
    • Max. Guide bushing diameter: 10
    • Blade materials: hard tungsten steel (long service time)
    • Stripping capacity per hour: within length 100 mm, 7000 - 3000 pieces
    • Output speed: Express
    • Wire outer diameter adjustment: needed
    • Stripping quality: excellent
    • Wheel clamping force adjustment: have
    • Speed adjusting rates: 0 - 9
    • Stripping pressure adjustment: adjustable
    • Drive: 4 Wheels driving
    • Feedback from customer: extremely good
    • Outer dimension: 420 x 340 x 280 mm
    • Weight: 28 kg
    • Power supply: AC220V/50Hz (optional AC110V/60Hz)
    • Power: 200 W
  • The presented set allows for cutting, stripping, and marking wires. A set consisting of:
    • automatic wire cutting and stripping machine BZW-882DJ
    • wire printer ITS-PRV380P-W
    1. Computerized control, touch screen, servo motor, more stable and easy to operate;
    2. High speed wire stripping, wire head, wire end and total length can be set randomly within the wire cutting range;
    3. The speed of wire feeding, wire cutting and stripping can be set independent, to reach the best effect of stripping;
    4. BZW-882DJ has the function of setting total quantity, bundle quantity, time postpone, middle stripping and etc;
    5. Motor drive using subdivision method, with high precision and long service life;
    6. 100kinds of different wire date can be stored in the system.


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