We participated in the productronica China 2023 fair, which took place from April 13th to 15th, 2023 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Our company, Jiangsu Bozhiwang Automation Equipment Co Ltd., is one of the largest manufacturers of wire processing equipment in China and we were one of many exhibitors at the fair.

At the fair, we showcased our latest wire processing equipment, including cutting tools, cutting machines, terminal crimping equipment, and many other products. Our equipment is characterized by high quality and innovative technological solutions that are tailored to the needs of the modern electronics industry.

Among the machines we presented at productronica China 2023, two in particular caught the attention of visitors. The first was our latest solution, the Fakra Intelligent Production Line Series, which is designed for processing Fakra cables. The machine is made in a modular style, ensuring stable performance and high quality cable production. The Fakra series also has an intelligent management function, allowing for the tracking and recording of quality control and production procedures. This system can connect to the MES system, enabling the sharing of data and the improvement of product quality while reducing labor costs.

The second machine that generated significant interest was the Ethernet Intelligent Machining Center. This machine uses PLC control, fiber communication, and a full servo system to ensure stable performance. Touch screen control and the ability to save parameters enable precise machine adjustment during production. Additionally, the use of a work sheet makes the production process more organized and efficient.

During the fair, we had the opportunity to meet with potential customers and present our products and services. Collaborating with other exhibitors and participants at the fair allowed us to establish many new business contacts and acquire valuable information about the latest trends and innovations in the electronics industry.

We are satisfied with our participation in productronica China 2023. The high quality of our products and our professional approach to business caught the attention of potential customers and strengthened our position in the electronics market. The fair was an important event for us, allowing us to promote our brand and establish valuable contacts in the industry.