BZW-2.5T-FBD semi-automatic wire stripping, crimping and seal inserting machine

BZW-2.5T-FBD product function 2


The BZW-2.5T FBD is used for processing sheathed wires or twisted pair cables. It can handle the automatic processing of waterproof plugs, skinning, and crimping of double-core wires. It features functions for wire color recognition, skinning detection, and pressure detection, which can enhance production efficiency and ensure high product quality. Below is a graphic presenting possible operations on a wire.

BZW-2.5T-FBD product function 2

  1. This is an integrated machine, primarily used for wire stripping, crimping, and seal inserting, which increases production efficiency.
  2. A high-efficiency servo motor is employed, enabling high-speed stamping and stable pressure.
  3. The stripping slider uses screw rotation, ensuring high precision in the stripped wire length.
  4. The seal-feeding structure is simple and easy to change, meeting various needs.
  5. It is easy to operate, with stable quality and position integration.
  6. An OES pressure management system can be installed and connected to the MES system.

Additional information

Cable type

0,2 – 2,5 mm²

Stripping length

0 – 10 mm

Tangent error

± 0,02 mm

Crimping force

25 kN


1000 – 1200 pieces / hour

Waterproof seal

≤ 10 x 10


230 V, 50 Hz

Air supply

0,5 MPa – 0,7 MPa


350 kg


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