Terminal crimping machine – BZW-4030T

Terminal crimping press with a power of 40 kN. Wire processing machines.

Below is a video presenting the twin machine marked BZW-4040T.


The terminal crimping press BZW-4040T is characterized by exceptionally quiet operation and energy efficiency.
The device is very stable and highly reliable.
Adjustable closing height, with an accuracy of 0.02 mm. Ability to use various types of dies. Equipped with quick die change for crimping.
The system is compatible with

  • pneumatic feeders,
  • paper roll unwind devices,
  • waste cutting devices.

BZW-4040T is equipped with an overload protection system and a safety guard for the operator.
A crimping monitoring system can be installed to monitor the product in real-time.

Possibility of installing a crimping quality control system – real-time production monitoring.

Additional information


30 mm

Wire diameter

0 – 8 mm2

Crimping force

40 kN


230 V, 50 Hz

Motor Power

1,5 kW


300 x 370 x 860 mm


115 kg


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