In order to meet our customers expectations, we present two new models of semi-automatic terminal crimping machines BZW-4040T and BZW-4030T

Semi-automatic mute terminal crimping machines BZW-4040T and BZW-4030T are characterized by very quiet and energy saving work.

Adjustable closure height, accuracy to ensure 0,02mm.

Pefectly match all kinds of moulds. Equipped with a system for quick change of crimping moulds.

The system is compatible with:

  • pneumatic feeding,
  • devices for paper collecting,
  • waste cutting.

BZW-4040T and BZW-4030T are equipped with pressure overload protection system and cover, which is safe for the crimper operator.

In addition to both devices you can install CFM, which will check the quality of each crimp in real time.

For more information about mute terminal crimping machines please feel free to contact our sales managers on telephone number: +48 886 788 660 or e-mail: