This is a new mode cable processing machine controlled by micro computer, especially used for processing the wire harness in the industry of automobiles, power cable industry, electronic control cabinet ,charging point wire harness, charging gun wire harness, PV hard wire, BVR flexible wires. It can process coils of wire by setting its total length, head stripping and rear stripping as required, which greatly improves working efficiency. Automatic wire cutting, stripping on two ends, and multi-layers stripping at one time. Industrial level control chip and high precise servo driver, which ensure high speed and stable running for long lifetime. Motion controller, touching screen operation, up to 100 stripping archives can be stored. Automatic wire diameter adjustment, there is no need to change cutting tools for different cables. The cable of outer diameter under 14 mm can be easily processed, the strong driving force ensures the high working efficiency. The machine is multi-functional, there have been reserved some communication ports for connecting auxiliary devices. Auxiliary devices: automatic wire feeder, wire collecting device, mechanical arms, wire winding unit and so on.