Automatische draadknip- en stripmachine BZW-882DJ + printer voor draden ITS-PRV380P-W

The presented set allows for cutting, striping and marking of wires. Set consisting of:

  • BZW-882DJ automatic wire cutting and stripping machine,
  • ITS-PRV380P-W cable printers.


BZW-882DJ Servo wire cutting and stripping machine + ITS-PRV380P-W wire printer

BZW-882DJ Servo wire cutting and stripping machine

BZW-882DJ is a device designed to cut and strip wires with a gauge from 0.1 to 6 mm² covered with PVC, PE, Telfon, Silicones and other types of plastic. The device can cut wires in a range from 1 to 99999 mm with a precision of ±(0.2%*L+1) mm. It is possible to set up to 13 strips for one cut section. The device has 4 drive wheels. Cable feed speed up to 2m/s (about 7.2 km/h).

Technical data:

  • power supply 230V AC,
  • weight 32kg,
  • dimensions 420×340×280mm,
  • 0.2 kW motor power.

ITS-PRV380P-W Wire printer

ITS-PRV380P-W Cable printer has a modern and ergonomic design. Ease of operation is ensured by a user-friendly interface and touch control with the large 8-inch color display. The thermal sensor in the print head prevents the printer from blocking and the ink in the tanks is mixed continuously. Ink cartridges are equipped with chips, which keep users informed about the status of the device.

Height of the printed inscription (font) from 1.5 to 20 mm. Print resolution (max. point print matrix):

  • single line: 5×5; 5x 7; 8×12; 11×16; 17×24; 24x 24; 32×32,
  • two lines: 5×5; 5x 7; 8×12; 12×12,
  • three lines: 5×5; 5×7; 8×8,
  • four lines: 5×5; 5×7.

Technical data:

  • power supply 230V AC,
  • compressed air supply required,
  • weight 30 kg,
  • dimensions 581 x 397 x 245 mm.


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